Finally— A Book About Nurturing the New Mom and Postpartum Recovery

When you’re expecting, your nightstand tends to become home to stacks upon stacks of new baby books. From What to Expect to Bringing Up Bebe, these Mini reads all focus on the art of taking care of your new little one and help you to feel more prepared for everything parenthood will throw your way.

But what about mom? Finally, we’ve discovered a book all about nurturing the new mother! After all, those first days after birth should be a time focused on rest and recovery, for you too! The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother is based on author Heng Ou’s postpartum experience with zuo yuezi, a set period of “confinement,” in which a woman remains at home, focusing on healing and bonding with her baby. Apparently even Duchess Meghan Markle swears by the tradition of “sitting the month” outlined in this book!


We’re no strangers to the idea that modern moms are expected to quickly bounce back to life after delivery— back to work, back to their pre-baby body, back to their normal routines. Many times, moms are left alone to tackle the physical and emotional struggles of this immensely challenging time and let’s be honest, that is neither realistic, nor fair. The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother is a beautiful—and necessary—revival of the art of caring for the mother after the birth of a new baby. It brings the postpartum period back to the forefront and allows moms to focus on their own healing, as much as caring for their littles.

What books did you read pre or post-baby? Which would you recommend? Share with us below!

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Opening Image: Abrams