Rachel Platten’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Rachel Platten is the Queen of the Female Anthem. Fight Song, anyone?

The mom of two (to daughters Violet and Sophie) initially penned the hit tune for herself, not intending for the world to hear it. “I wrote it ’cause I needed it,” she told ABC. “I needed to remind myself to not give up, that I still believed in myself and that I still had fight left.”

And it didn’t stop there. 

Platten released “Girls” last year on Mother’s Day, a beautiful track about knowing your worth and trusting your voice. The powerhouse ballad serves as a message to her own daughters, celebrating female strength and resilience. 

It seems the songstress’ latest melodies were born from her experience as a mother— including her upcoming record debuting later this year. The record was inspired by the hardships she faced with postpartum depression, chronic pain, and the deep hole she sunk into. 

Platten has a knack for pulling at one’s heartstrings, especially mothers, so we had to ask about her personal gift picks to celebrate fellow moms this Mother’s Day. 

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Sand by Baja Zen

“This is my dream body scrub. My super classy sister-in-law always has one of these in her vacation house guest bathroom and the scent (sort of a suntan lotion– in the best way) instantly relaxes you and puts you in vacation mode. The oil-to-scrub ratio is divine.”

A Monogrammed Journal (Plus a Beautiful Pen!)

“I write daily, sometimes as tears fall and sometimes just to list things I am grateful for. It has become my most sacred must and practice. Any mama deserves this act of self-love, so encourage her by making it feel special with beautiful pen and paper.”

A Yoga Mat (Wooden Blocks, Bolster, and Yoga Blanket for Extra Credit!)

“My yoga mats have either become my kids play mats, my dog’s cuddle spot, or sadly neglected. If your wife or mom is the same, the last thing a busy mom is going to remember to treat herself to is a brand new, clean one. This will encourage her to take that much needed time for herself and hey— keep the dog off of this one.”

Free People Movement Romper and Tank

“I’m not endorsed by them (though I wish!) but I cannot get enough of their rompers for an easy carpool pickup. My ultimate fashionable sister, Melanie, made me get this one! Moms deserve NO waistband discomfort and to let out the belly if they need to. This look lets her know it’s alright to (literally) exhale but still look cute.”

Beach Day (But Plan It!)

“If you are like my family, my husband, spoiled by Miami beaches, refuses to go to the Pacific unless it is Mother’s Day or my birthday. So this is what I personally ask for every Mother’s Day. He rents chairs and umbrellas and has a picnic brunch ready for all of us (swoon) and the best gift for me is no complaining about the cold water all day.”

Noise Cancelling Headphones (Bonus: Have Them Waiting and Charged!)

“This is the best gift for every car trip with toddlers a mother could ask for to temporarily tune out the chaos of her lovely, but sometimes maniac, children. Also, I’m a musician and am picky about what I listen to tunes with so these are my favorites.”

UGG Slippers and Fancy (and Usable!) Bathrobe


“This is the thing she most likely lives in during the early mornings before she has a chance to take care of herself, so make it feel a little more luxurious. I love these slippers the best!”

Opening Image Credit: Nick Whitmill