20 Beautiful Baby Mobiles for Your Nursery

So many decisions must be made when designing a nursery— from choosing a cozy glider to perusing printed crib sheets. But perhaps one of the smallest details that packs the biggest punch (and captures your little’s attention!) is the baby mobile. Your Mini will stare at the bouncing balloons or spinning sheep until they are swept off to Dreamland each night, so finding one that combines both whimsy and style is essential.

We’ve scoured the web for those that fit the bill— whether your nursery is classic and traditional or leans more modern. There’s something for everyone (and every Mini!) to love here!

Keep scrolling to browse our 20 Beautiful Baby Mobiles for Your Nursery. 

Luxe Star and Cloud Mobile, $105

Simple Shapes Geometric Baby Mobile, $49

Solar System Mobile, $99

Wood Circles Mobile, $49

Hanging Brass Circles Mobile, $79

Felt Ball Mobile, $45

Monochrome Nursery Mobile, $58

Flower Baby Mobile, $50

Wood Yacht Mobile

Felted Whale Mobile, $148

Swan Lake Mobile, $74

Baby Kitten Mobile, $150

Origami Airplane Mobile, $63

Felted Sheep Mobile, $39

Minimal Modern Mobile, $39

City Mobile, $50

Star Ceiling Mobile, $69

Organic Safari Mobile, $55

Organic Happy Weather Mobile, $55

Flying Elephants Mobile, $79

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