Working Out While Pregnant? Amanda Kloots Shares 6 Rules to Follow

Working out while pregnant can seem daunting, even impossible if you’re one of the many who suffers from morning (and all day!) sickness. Even if you’re feeling the fitness urge and want to get back into your workout groove, you might be wondering what exercises are safe for you and your little one on the way. The short answer? Don’t overthink it! There are plenty of ways to keep up on your wellness goals and we asked workout guru and founder of NYC’s AK! Dance and AK! Rope Amanda Kloots (who’s now expecting her first baby!) for her take on what fitness rules moms-to-be should follow.

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Stay hydrated. Always have water on hand. This is important in all trimesters but especially in the first trimester when you are a bit tired or nauseous. Also, the hormone relaxin is loosening your ligaments these first three months so your body can feel a little “loose.”  Water is to stay hydrated, especially for the baby growing inside of you.

Stay supported. Wear good, supportive shoes. My favorite are the Gel Quantum 360 from ASICS. I don’t wear anything else!

Work on your breathing. Before, during, and at the end of your exercise make sure to practice deep breaths by widening your diaphragm on your inhale and then squeezing up through your kegal muscles on your exhale.

Keep going. Anything you are doing before pregnancy is safe to continue during pregnancy. If your body is used to running 6 miles a day you can continue running when you find out your pregnant. What you can’t do is start running 6 miles. If you are new to exercise when you conceive that is also OK, but find a trainer that can help you get started in a safe way.

No more crunches. After your first trimester, stop all forward crunches. You still want to strengthen your transverse abdominals and pelvic floor, but not your middle abs also known as your rectus abdominals. As your baby grows, these muscles naturally stretch with the help of the linea alba, but you can run the risk of stretching them too much by continuing crunches or moves that put pressure on the muscle.

Use a chair. During your second and especially third trimester, using a chair to do toning exercises for your legs, glutes and upper body is a wonderful way to safely workout. A chair offers stability and keeps your chest elevated to relieve pressure on your rectus abdominals. A chair also offers a moment of rest if you need to take a break in between sets. You can use a chair anywhere too so it’s a great way to squeeze a workout in at home.
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