50 Baby Names for Twins You’ll Want to Consider

If you’re expecting twins, you know your life is about to be filled with everything in pairs. Two cribs, two bassinets, two wardrobes filled with adorable clothes, and of course, two baby names! Twin baby names offer the opportunity to choose related monikers or those with similar meanings, but that are individually suited to each babe. You may want to choose your twin baby names by style—traditional or modern—or by letter, or even those with a historical or pop culture origin.

According to Nameberry, parents of twins should spring for twin names that are distinct from each other, but have a unified meaning, so we’ve rounded up our favorites below that cover all of the bases!

Keep scrolling for 50 Twin baby names you’ll want to add to your list right now.

Girl-Girl Twin Names

Ava and Olivia

Emma and Eva

Adelaide and Annabelle

Poppy and Penelope

Charlotte and Samantha

Ella and Emily

Elsie and Elodie

Madison and Morgan

Lily and Lucy

Luna and Lydia

Iris and Ivy

Maya and Mia

Sasha and Sophia

Fiona and Frances

Daphne and Delia

Arielle and Abigail

Claudia and Chloe

Boy-Boy Twin Names

Jacob and Joshua

Landon and Logan

Hayden and Hunter

Mason and Maddox

Henry and William (Royal Family, anyone?)

Noah and Jonah

Oscar and Oliver

Michael and Matthew

Evan and Andrew

Julian and Jack

Lincoln and Levi

Ethan and Eli

Sebastian and Samuel

Teddy and Truman

Asher and Atticus

Campbell and Caius

Girl-Boy Twin Names

Isaac and Isabelle

Alex and Ella

Abe and Addison

Andy and Amelia

Brody and Bella

Connor and Kate

Parker and Polly

Roman and Rebecca

Ethan and Emma

Blake and Brooklyn

Zane and Zoe

Finn and Frankie

Graham and Grace

Cole and Cora

Milo and Mia

Margot and Mason

Oliver and Ophelia

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