What You Should Know Before Traveling with Kids

Traveling with little ones can be a challenge, but it’s important to remember that safety is most important. We’ve consulted with the nation’s top safety experts, Tracy and Charlie Vega, to ensure your upcoming getaway is nothing but smooth sailing. Here are a few top tips to keeps the kids safe:

Make a Plan
Before leaving home, have a conversation with the kids explaining if you get separated, they should stay exactly where they are. Emphasize that they shouldn’t go with a stranger, even if they offer help. You’ll be able to track them down fastest this way.

Grab an Elevator Buddy
Don’t allow your child to ride on elevators alone. You never know who could step in when the elevator stops. Instead, always accompany them and make an agreement to let your Mini hit the button!

Travel in Pairs
Never let your child travel alone. If it’s necessary that the children go somewhere without an adult, make sure to send them in pairs or groups.

Never Leave Them in the Hotel
Think twice before leaving you little ones in a hotel or cruise ship room alone. They may not be tall enough to see through the peephole, which means they only way to know who’s knocking is to open the door. Don’t forget that staff members and maintenance people have master keys, too!

Take Pictures
Take a picture of your child each day. Not only will it fit perfectly in the family photo album, but should your child go missing, you’ll have an up-to-date photo to share with the media.

The Vegas have appeared on The Huffington Post, Lifetime and Hallmark channels, as well as numerous local news broadcasts around the country. Visit simpleselfdefenseforwomen.com for more tips on safety for mom and Minis alike.

Image:  Jessie Bush for Vogue Spain