How Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas Chose Her Kids Names

Arielle Charnas of Something Navy is now a mom of two and we are thrilled to welcome her to our winter cover to talk everything from juggling a growing brand with motherhood and even raising kids in New York City. And among the dozens we asked, there was one other question we were dying to get the answer to— how the fashion blogger turned designer chose her kids names.

“Ruby Lou we chose last minute,” Charnas tells Mini in the holiday issue. “We had so many different names picked out for her. It was actually Brandon’s choice; I’ll give him that. It wasn’t my top choice in names, but when he said it, it just felt right. I can’t picture her with any other name; she is Ruby Lou.”


“Esme Rae we knew from pretty early on,” the new mom of two continues. “When we heard that name we absolutely fell in love. It was different and feminine and it just seemed right. Her middle name Rae came from Brandon who was obsessed with Rey in Star Wars.”

Keep scrolling for a few photos from our holiday issue or click here to read the entire interview with Arielle.

Photography: Charlie Juliet Photography for Mini Magazine

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