This Baby Bed Will Tackle All of Your Sleep Struggles

Those first few nights with a new baby can be rough. Trust us, we are with you. Trying to adjust to being a new parent, waking up every hour to feed, change, rock, bounce, and shush can really put you into a fog. But if there’s one thing we wish we would have known about on Day 1, it’s the SNOO Smart Sleeper from Happiest Baby.

Not only is this the safest baby bed ever made (no worrying about baby rolling over or getting tangled up in a blanket), but the soothing white noise and rocking motion will tackle all of your sleep struggles with ease.

SNOO gently rocks your baby during every nap and throughout the night so you don’t have to. With built-in microphones, this smart sleeper detects your baby’s sound level and adjusts its motion and noise accordingly— a soft, slow swing for calm babies and faster jiggles for upset babies. SNOO does it all while keeping baby on his back and secured in the easy “5-second swaddle!”

Truly like your own personal night nurse, SNOO is a must-have for new parents. “This would have been a sanity saver for me during those first nights with baby,” says Mini’s Editor-in-Chief Kate Kirby. “But even with my 8-week-old, the first time we placed her in the SNOO, she slept her longest stretch yet! For a sleep-deprived new parent, it’s worth every penny.”

But not to worry if SNOO doesn’t immediately quiet your little one, there is an adjustment period to consider. For Minis over 6 to 8 weeks, they may need 4 to 5 days to get used to the new motion and sound. But the more they sleep in SNOO, the quicker it should begin to comfort them!

So as you begin to put together your nursery in preparation for a Mini on the way, build your registry, or even if you already have a baby who could use a boost in their sleep patterns, look no further than SNOO. This highly-sought-after baby bed lives up to its reputation ten-fold and you’ll never look back.


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