Sleep Training? These Signs Show Your Baby Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep

When you become a parent, it seems your daily conversations instantly turn toward the topic of sleep- and when sleepless nights become commonplace, you’ll take any advice you can on how to catch a few more z’s. Remember, sleep issues can be normal, but there are a few red flags you should be ready to spot.

We asked DockATot baby dock founder Lisa Furuland for the signs parents should be on the look out for if they think their baby is not getting enough sleep and here’s what she had to say.

Your Baby Sleeps Restlessly

Some movement during sleep is perfectly normal. In fact many babies wake themselves up with sudden jerks, known as the startle-or moro-reflex. The DockATot Deluxe helps prevent the startle reflex from baby waking themselves up. However, constant restlessness while they sleep could be a sign of a sleep disorder. If your little one is moving their legs around a lot while they sleep or they can’t seem to get comfortable, you should talk to your pediatrician about it. If you need to find a reliable pediatrician then take a look on — they may be able to help you. You should go to a pediatrician about this because this could be a sign of Restless Leg Syndrome which is also related to Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, which is not a serious condition but could be waking your child in the middle of the night.

Your Baby is Cranky Throughout the Day

Babies are expected to be cranky when they are hungry or if their diaper needs a change, but if your little one seems to be in a bad mood most of their awake time, it could mean they are not getting enough sleep.

Your Baby Snores

A little snoring here and there is no big deal, but if you’re hearing constant–and loud–snores coming from your sweetie, it might be time to investigate. The snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea, which means your baby is waking up throughout the night. Sleep apnea could lead to stunted growth and developmental delays. Sleep apnea can be genetic so if you use one of the resmed cpap machines then it’s definitely something you need to look out for.

Your Baby Isn’t Hitting Milestones

Just like adults, babies who don’t get enough sleep are not as productive during the day. If your baby or toddler is having trouble reaching their milestones, it could mean their brains are not as active during their waking hours due to inefficient sleep.

If you are worried that your little one isn’t getting enough sleep, it is best to talk with your pediatrician to get to the bottom of the issue.

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