Uber-Like Apps for Kids Might Be the Next Big Thing

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve worried a time or twelve about how your Minis will get home from school, to ballet, soccer practice, friends houses, you name it. With everyone in the family keeping busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time to drop off, pick up and make it to your own appointments in the meantime.

Enter rides-on-demand for kids. Yes, we’re talking an Uber-like service just for getting your littles where they need to go.

Start-ups like HopSkipDrive and Shuddle, are ready to take on the “Uber for Children” niche, according to the New York Times, and pick up where the car service magnate is lacking (Uber policy currently states drivers are not to give rides to unaccompanied minors).

Founded by full-time working moms, HopSkipDrive serves all of Los Angeles County and parts of Orange County and like Shuddle, has lofty goals for expansion following a successful round of funding. Almost all of the drivers are childcare experts-including teachers, nannies and other moms themselves-and both services have wisely built in added levels of security and safety to give comfort to worried parents.

For instance, when you set up your ride with HopSkipDrive, you are matched with a driver. You can see their profile, picture and car information. The driver is given a password which will confirm their identity to your child upon pick-up. You can also download the service’s app to track your child during their ride, seeing exactly when they get in and get out of the car.

As you may well know, it takes a village- especially in terms of transportation-and in a tech-driven world where you can simply open an app and tap to schedule a ride, that’s one less worry on your parenting plate.

Would you use a ride-hailing service for your kids? Would this kind of service make your life easier?

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