Every Kids Playroom Needs These 3 Things

As you’re poring over kids playroom ideas, your brain may start to feel like primary-colored mush. But relax! While there are tons of features that make a playroom fun, these are the three essentials that make the space just as practical.

Easy storage
The number of times you may ask your Minis to “pick up their toys” can be immeasurable on any given day. That’s why easy storage is an absolute must-have! We love baskets and bins in varying sizes to stow around the room where kids can toss their stuffed animals, cars, you name it. These give the kids a simple way to clean up and a simple way to pull the toys back out again! Plus, they don’t look so bad with your decor either.


Huntington Basket


Whether it’s a Mini table and chairs, a desk or a wall-mounted bar, kids need a workstation to craft, create and let their creativity flow. Not to mention, a place to color that isn’t on the walls.


Play Table and Chairs

Nooks and crannies
To really spark Mini creativity, introduce different nooks, passages and magical spaces. We love teepees, playhouses and reading corners to offer a good mix of play and peace when it’s time to wind down.

Palm Springs Playhouse

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What are the essentials in your kids’ playroom? Share with us below!