How to Bring Classroom Lessons into Everyday Life

Watching our Minis sprout into well-rounded beings is one of the many pleasures of being a parent. Every moment and milestone is so precious, especially when their classroom curiosity leads to real life lessons. From learning the ABCs in school to seeing the same letters on toys and books at home and carefully drawing out their name in crayon, you can see the sparks fly as those connections meet.

There are teachable moments to expand young minds every moment of every day. Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care, a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive educational child care, is on a mission to bolster that concept with its new national creative campaign, “Learn On.”

The Learn On? campaign is fueled by the notion that learning extends far beyond the classroom and showcases how a child’s curiosity—sparked while at Kiddie Academy—carries into every aspect of their day. Were you one of the kids that enjoyed geology in school and started digging around your backyard for cool rocks? That love of learning might have even led to a full-blown crystal collection by the time you became a mom, which is exactly what Kiddie Academy hopes to instill with this new campaign.

Given the right environment, children become more curious and collaborative, with the ability to discover and accomplish more. Kiddie Academy aims to communicate the potential and fascination for leaning that exists in every minute— in the classroom, at home, and throughout our own communities.

Sound like a great experience for your Minis? Kiddie Academy has more than 210 Academies open and operating in 29 states, as well as D.C., eager to help your little one learn and grow. Their educational child care centers serve families and their children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, offering full-time care, before-and-after-school care, and summer camp programs.

Kiddie Academy has also received corporate accreditation from the globally recognized AdvancED accreditation system, signifying its commitment to quality education and the highest standards in child care. Empowering children with valuable tools to help make the most of their opportunities to expand their minds and creativity, Kiddie Academy continues to make a tremendous impact far beyond the classroom.

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