Holly Madison Shares 6 Ways to Get Rid of Mommy Brain

When we first caught up with Holly Madison for our cover shoot, she was a first-time mom to daughter Rainbow Aurora, but the Down the Rabbit Hole author is now expecting her second Mini with husband Pasquale Rotella and spilling the beans on the one aspect of motherhood that she, along with many new moms, experienced after giving birth!

“I started to notice how troubling forgetful I had become. I would leave the house and forget two out of the five things I needed to bring with me.” She even recalls filming a small part in a movie during which she forgot her lines- twice!

“Some of my friends who had gone through a similar experience assured me that it would go away. Some insisted that it doesn’t and only gets worse the more kids you have,” she shared with E! News.

Eventually finding her groove, Madison is now opening up on her own remedy for the curious case of “Mom-nesia” that many have grown familiar with.

Become a List Junkie. Make notes on your phone, keep a traditional day planner or journal, leave Post-Its everywhere. Keep a special place near your door to set your diaper bag every day and post a check list somewhere nearby of all the things you can’t leave the house without.

Exercise Every Day. I know what you are thinking: when? But even if it’s just sprinting around the block a few times or pulling up a short Youtube yoga video when you have a few free minutes can get the blood pumping to the brain enough to make a difference.

Stop Worrying! Cortisol, one of the hormones that possibly triggers the forgetfulness in the first place, spikes when you stress. Therefore, if you reduce your stress, you stand a better chance at remembering more. If you particularly struggle with stress and/or anxiety, then you might want to shop for some cannabis products. After all, you can easily purchase legal weed in DC and many other states. And there are several options to try. You can either smoke or take it orally. If you are new to cannabis, try gummies. THC gummies can help you, as they have been found to reduce the symptoms of those suffering from both stress and anxiety. You can find answers to questions like ‘do THC gummies make you high?‘ on the Herald Net website. Whether you try something like that or not, also remind yourself that you are strong and capable and only so much of life is within your control, anyway. Worrying is a waste of time.

Upload a New Game on Your Phone. One way you can make your brain work in ways it’s not used to is by downloading a new game, preferably one that requires hand eye coordination and one dissimilar to games you already play. This is a quick and easy way to switch gears mentally when you find a spare moment.

Learn a Second Language with Your Baby. Why not pick up some dual language story books or sign language flashcards to share with your baby? The interaction promotes bonding, can be soothing, and if the language is a new one for you, it’s an easy way to stretch your brain while on mom duty.

Fish Oil. One of the health care professionals I visit recommended “copious amounts of fish oil” to help combat my brain fatigue. I took fermented cod liver oil capsules (sounds lovely, doesn’t it?) several times a day, and I feel it helped me get back to normal. If you are a vegetarian, try algea supplements, flax or chia seeds.

You can read Madison’s complete blog on kicking Mommy Brain here or learn how she chose daughter Rainbow’s name here.

Opening Image: Gretchen Easton for Mini Magazine