Moms— Try These At Home Workouts with Your Stroller

We all know once baby comes into the mix, the time to get to the gym is almost non-existent. If you have other little ones at home, forget about it!

But that doesn’t mean you need to say sayonara to your postpartum workouts entirely! You can still rent a treadmill from Hirefitness, or somewhere similar, and continue your workouts. If not that, there are even other tons of at-home workouts you can fit into your new mama schedule (even just while baby naps!) and there’s no need to purchase any new workout gear! You can just go straight into your home gym or even just a space in your lounge and get started!

“As a new mom, I wanted to start to move my body as much as possible and get back into my fitness groove, but going to the gym was a no-go for me,” said Mini’s Editor in Chief Kate Kirby. “I started using fitness programs I could stream on my phone or TV and obà Fitness was one that I really loved!”. If you can’t get to the gym, bring the gym to you. Take it easy, and slowly get yourself back into the flow of exercise. Build yourself back up to doing high pull workout routines.

Celebrity moms like Daphne Oz have applauded obà Fitness and their on-demand classes you can stream at home or on the go and now, the brand has partnered with breakout baby gear company Lalo to offer moms even more! If this does appeal to your tastes then you may want to elevate your new fitness journey by getting yourself something like a Fitbit or other tracking watch to help keep you on the right path, with bands for the Fitbit Charge 3 available for those who want to change up their look and match their gym gear.

Offering full-body, postnatal at-home stroller workouts, Lalo and obà have officially made postnatal fitness efficient, convenient, and a fun activity that can be done with your little one!

The at-home workout videos are available in 10 and 28 minute classes, featuring a series of postnatal approved workouts using the Lalo Daily stroller, and each class is led by pre/postnatal certified obà instructors, Melody Davi or Michelle Brugal.


Reverse Lunges

Rear Leg Lifts

Standing Butt Busters

Squat Jumps

Plank Reaches

These at home workouts are perfect for fitness fanatics, recreational exercisers, and beginners alike, as each workout requires only a stroller- no cumbersome fitness equipment or the need to purchase new weights or bands!

Throughout the month of August, Lalo is offering a free one-month obà membership and two complimentary 10-minute obà express classes with every Lalo purchase, so if you happen this new, must-have stroller (We called it the Hottest Stroller of 2019!), you’ll be able to score this great deal!

If you’re ready to get back into fitness mode and already have a stroller, you can access the workouts at with the purchase of a monthly membership.


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