Studio McGee Shares 4 Easy Ways to Design a Kid-Friendly Space

When designing a nursery or kids room, there are so many possibilities. From the paint color to the bedding to big pieces like an armchair or glider, you may think you know how to make it all come together, but will the room hold up with your kids over time? We are no strangers to the chaos that can set in when putting together a kid-friendly space, so we enlisted the help of our friends at popular design firm, Studio McGee.

“I think I am much more aware of what kid-friendly means now,” says founder and mom of two Shea McGee. “Before, I was essentially guessing. Now my home is definitely a testing ground for what survives. This has been really helpful because the large majority of our clients have kids.”

So where do you start when designing a space with kids in mind? Studio McGee lays out four easy ways for parents.

Be practical. “Assess what pieces of furniture get the most use and make them durable,” says McGee. “Then take a little risk with a few of the other pieces. That way, you get both function and a few standout pieces.”

Splurge on accents. “Go safe on the main sofa, splurge on pillows, and consider a round coffee table because they are beautiful without looking ‘kid-proof’.”

Add personality. “I like kids rooms to have personality and I usually try to do that through great artwork and rugs.”

Bring in baskets.Baskets for storage are always a must in every kids’ space we design,” McGee tells Mini.

Excerpted from Mini Magazine Spring Issue

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Studio McGee