Single Moms Should Live in These Cities, Research Says

Did you know that it’s National Single Parent Day on March 21? Single moms now make up a quarter of all US households and with Women’s History Month also in full swing, we wanted to give some props to the ladies.

WalletHub recently released their list of 2016’s Best and Worst Cities for Single Moms, taking into account factors like access to jobs, the ability to earn a livable income and where children receive the best and most cost-effective care.

Out of the 150 cities named on the list, the top five include:

Scottsdale, Arizona

Madison, Wisconsin

Fremont, California

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

As for those at the bottom, well, we hate to say it, Los Angeles, but that’s you— among a few other California locales.

For the complete list of Best Cities for Single Moms, head over to WalletHub or take a look at the Best (and Worst!) Cities for Young Families here.

Opening Image: Lily Glass for Mini Magazine