Science Says This Is How to Raise Strong, Successful Daughters

The future is indeed female. But if you’re currently on the rollercoaster of raising girls, you’ve probably questioned if you’re doing everything that’s necessary to bring them up into strong, confident, successful women. Well, according to science, all you need to do is nag them a little more.

According to university researchers in the UK, parents’ super high expectations for their teenage daughters are one of the most important factors in determining if they will grow up to be successful— especially if they are constantly reminded of their expectations. The bottom line found in the university press release? “Teenage girls are more likely to succeed if they have pushy mothers.”

The researchers also found that young girls whose “main parent” (typically the mother) showed high expectations were less likely to run into the obstacles that could thwart their success. For instance, they are more likely to attend college and less likely to end up with a low-wage job or have extended periods of unemployment.

But don’t worry if your efforts are met with eye-rolling. The more you are met with comments like “You’re so annoying” or when your badgering feels like you’re talking to a brick wall could just mean it’s working, according to the study.

As it turns out, kids, we’re not lying. You really will thank us later.

Do you think this parenting theory is a winner?

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Opening Image: Lily Glass for Mini Magazine