5 Ways to Please Your Picky Eaters

They may be adventurous, but when it comes to eating healthy food, toddlers are expert picky eaters and ready to battle it out at every meal. Just ask our friend Honest Toddler. And while it may be exhausting, it’s important to start building healthy habits at a young age.

From the very first spoonful, it’s important for little ones to have a healthy relationship with food. More importantly, the food itself needs to be healthy. There’s no point in getting your kids to try a wide variety of foods if all of those foods should only be eaten as treats. Instill in them the idea that healthy food makes them grow tall and strong, and that it can help them get better when they’re ill. Organic food can help them tick all the boxes for them to grow into healthy kids! Procuring organic food from the nearest farmer’s market or online, from websites such a Sibarita Organic Food Shop could help relieve your tension of what your child is consuming.

Additionally, it would also help to teach them about vitamins and minerals and how it’s important to get the right amount of each one. You can even get an older family member to show them all of the vitamins that they take (like these gastric bypass vitamins) to prove to them that with the right nutrients, even they can reach a ripe old age! Teach them these healthy eating ideas now to get them into a good habit for when they’re older. Undoubtedly they’ll go through a pizza stage at some point, but at least they’ll be willing to eat it with peppers and mushrooms and not just cheese, cheese, cheese! Try using a wholewheat dough if you’re making a pizza yourself, and blend added veg like carrot and sweet potato into the tomato base if your kids won’t touch whole chunks. You can then add a sprinkling of light cheese and meat alternatives on top to add some protein and calcium for their muscles and bones. Leave the really cheesy pizzas for when you treat them to a meal out at your favourite pizza Greensboro restaurant or another pizza restaurant in your area.

We’ve teamed up with Sprout Organic Foods to bring you 5 tips to feed a picky toddler and avoid the dinnertime hassle.


Use Foods They Already Love

Incorporate new items into foods they already love. If your toddler loves macaroni and cheese, add pureed carrots or butternut squash into the noodles and instantly add a new level of nutrition. This also allows children to get acquainted with new vegetables without being forced out of their comfort zone.

Offer Choices

Offer choices, whenever possible. Let your outspoken toddler decide what’s for dinner by providing them with several acceptable and healthy options.

Invite Them to the Table

Make mealtime into family time. If your baby or toddler is eating either in a different location or at a different time than the rest of the family, they might be missing out on the concept of the family meal.

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Let Them Taste Test

Allow your toddler to try a taste of new foods rather than forcing them to eat an entire serving. It may take two or three times before your toddler accepts a new food, but you can praise them for being adventurous!

Make a Grocery List Together

Allow your child to write or draw items they want to shop for at the store. Talk about foods that grow as opposed to those that come in a package. Encourage your child to choose some fruits and veggies for the week. This will allow independence, but also encourages them to start developing preferences for healthy items rather than packaged foods.

How do you instill healthy eating habits in your Minis?

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