5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (They’ll Wear for Years!)

The long-awaited day to celebrate Mom (Aside from, you know, every day!) is coming up fast-Sunday, May 13. The holiday where she can have whatever she wants- quiet time, reading time, alone time, TV time, spa time, or because she’s Mom, just quality time with family. But what do you get your mom on mother’s day? Whenever we ask they like to say they don’t want anything but your company, and that’s fine they can get that too! But we can’t get her anything, can we? Apart from some flowers and a nice card, what else is out there? Well, there are plenty of options, jewelry like Indian gold bangles or similar pieces being one of the most popular choices. There is a huge variety in the world of jewelry, ranging from gold and diamond pieces to special handcrafted ornaments. Some people can choose to go down the personalized route and this usually brings them a lot of success. Anything with their children on it is special to moms. Even if you were to get her a little keepsake gift like custom photo keychains. Being a mother, she will appreciate any effort to make her feel special. To really send her day over the top, we’ve rounded up a few more of the most special personalized Mother’s Day gifts any mama would be thrilled to wear for years to come.

So where did we turn? Tiny Tags, makers of the beautiful mother’s custom name necklace and bracelets you may have seen around the web (Hi, Instagram!), is a go-to for new mom jewelry- as well as for seasoned mamas (Grandma, that’s you!) and other stand-out women in your life.

“Each and every Tiny Tags has a story,” said founder Melissa Clayton. “Stories of love, stories of inspiration, and sometimes stories of incredible loss. I believe it is through our stories that we connect with one another and share our unique journey. I pinch myself every day that Tiny Tags is able to have a small part in telling her story.”

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Nameplate Necklace

Gold Script Nameplate Necklace, $125

Know a new mom? Gift her this 24K Gold Plated Nameplate Necklace with her Mini’s name.

Mama Necklace

Gold Script Mama Necklace, $105

Celebrate your Mama title with this beautiful 24K Gold Plated Script Mama Necklace.

Skinny Bar Necklace

14K Gold Skinny Bar Necklace, $470

“I love when dads do something romantic,” Clayton told Mini. “We had a dad put ‘the story of us’ on the back of his wife’s skinny bar necklace which was so sweet. Other dads have added the title of their wedding song or a bible verse. If anyone thinks romance is not alive, stop by our studio.”

Engraved Mommy Necklace

Gold Mommy Necklace, $95

“I really can’t think of a better Mother’s Day gift than this,” said Mini’s Editor-in-Chief Kate Kirby. “I have this necklace engraved with my sweet Penelope’s name and I wear it every day.”

Engraved Circle Pendant

Engraved Circle Pendant, $600

A great gift idea for Grandmas! This circle pendant can hold up to 10 names, 5 on the front and 5 on the back. Available in 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, and 14K white gold.

All Tiny Tags jewelry has a lifetime guarantee on tags and chains, meaning if your chain breaks, or your Tiny Tags need to be cleaned, polished, or repaired, they will do so at no cost. You can shop more mom jewelry on the Tiny Tags website here.

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