Here’s What Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon Eats in a Single Day

The juices, milks dusts and powders offered by popular wellness brand Moon Juice are sweeping the nation— or maybe even, the universe. The brand follows a plant-sourced alchemy regimen to elevate body, beauty and consciousness and as founder Amanda Chantal Bacon will tell you, it is truly life changing.

“I shy away from sugar, wheat, and dairy and lean into greens, adaptogens, healthy fats and mediation,” she tells Mini. “Right now, I’m heavily rotating the watermelon rind and aloe juice, Brain Dust, tocotreinols, fermented green crisps, and vanilla mushroom protein.”

But the world-traveling chef and mom doesn’t stop there. We had the chance to sneak a peek into her typical breakfast, lunch and dinner routine in our fall issue and here’s what she had to share:


“Gluten-free pancakes, sprouted quinoa toast with lots of coconut oil and warm protein tonics with coconut milk, Brain Dust, maca, mucuna, and cacao.”

“Avocados, seaweed, homemade coconut yoghurt, berries, chia pudding, hummus and melon.”

“Sweet potatoes, cultured veggies, sprouted quinoa, tempeh, dhal.”

Nuts and seeds [and] raw chocolate.”

Bacon’s daily diet may seem strict, but she also goes on to note that keeping meals light, fresh and spontaneous is a must for her family.

“It’s just the two of us [Bacon and son Rohan], so there’s no expectation of what meals should look like,” she shares. “We just eat balanced whole foods when we’re hungry, sometimes at the table, sometimes on the floor!”

Buy the new Moon Juice Cookbook then read how Bacon is instilling healthy values in her son, how her wellness routine changed during pregnancy, and how she juggles motherhood with a bustling plant-based empire in our fall issue.

Photography: Lily Glass