The New Go-To Los Angeles Wellness Space for Moms

Finding a sense of community can be hard for any parent, no matter how long you’ve lived in your area. Many dream about an inclusive, inviting and judgement-free space where you can go for advice—from others who have been in your shoes and experts who are available for guidance. Well, get ready Mini friends, LA’s new LOOM space is just that.

Photo: Morgan Pansing

The Mid-City Los Angeles community hub opened earlier this month and focuses on the complete reproductive cycle, pregnancy, and parenting. With evidence-based education, group classes, individual coaching, doula services and events, LOOM has quickly become a must-visit for those who are reproductively curious, pregnant, or new to parenting.

Founded by Erica Chidi Cohen and Quinn Lundberg, LOOM boasts bright, beautiful, thoughtfully-designed interiors, as well as an outdoor space, and a focus on reproductive wellness through 24 months after having a child. All services, classes, and events are bundled into pathways based on where you are in the process (for instance, Considering, Expecting, and Parenting) and the space’s membership program.

Photo: Morgan Pansing

LOOM’s soft, neutral interior spaces are a stunning complement to the hub’s important work in nurturing women on their way to motherhood and long after. Annual membership is open at a rate of $200 to anyone currently expecting or parenting children under 24 months.

Photo: Morgan Pansing

Find out more about LOOM on their website or be sure to follow along on their well-curated and insightful Instagram page.

Photography by Morgan Pansing

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