Kelly Wearstler’s Morning Routine Probably Looks A Lot Like Yours

Whether you are up for 3 AM feedings or spring out of bed the minute you realize the alarm didn’t sound— it all starts with coffee, doesn’t it? That’s why we weren’t surprised when mom of two and designer Kelly Wearstler told us her day starts with a double shot of joe.

“I begin each day with a Bikram yoga class or Barry’s Boot Camp to stay centered and healthy. I stop by Urth Café for a quick bite and my daily double, extra dry, non-fat macchiato to fuel up for the day. I get to work around 9:30 and am in meetings with my design teams and clients until 6. Fridays, I volunteer at my son’s school working in their garden. I’m always out the door by 6 o’ clock to have dinner with my family. Then the Blackberry goes off. At home, I’m completely focused on my husband and two sons.”

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Lonny