Juliet Angus Shows Us Around Her Cozy London Home

London stylist and digital influencer Juliet Angus (Bravo’s Ladies of London) may not be next in line to the throne, but when it comes to fashion and family, there is no question who reigns supreme in this house. The mom of two invited Mini inside her cozy residence for a tour and filled us in on her favorite rooms, where she spends the most time, and- more babies?

“This is our fourth home in London in seven years,” Angus told Mini. “We are still renting as we just received our indefinite leave to remain in the UK last year, which means we can stay basically forever now. I haven’t decorated a home in London yet- we brought our furniture from our home in Montreal and have slowly been getting rid of it and replacing it with new pieces. We have also had a look at some London loft conversion specialists to see about converting some space, but we haven’t settled on a final choice as of yet.”

Keep scrolling to tour Juliet Angus’ London Home and read more of what she has to say about each space- including her kids’ rooms!

Thank you for inviting us into your home! Tell us about the place! How would you describe it?

“Functional! This is our fourth home in London in seven years. We are still renting as we just received our indefinite leave to remain in the UK last year, which means we can stay basically forever now. I haven’t decorated a home in London yet- we brought our furniture from our home in Montreal and have slowly been getting rid of it and replacing with new pieces.” Apart from dealing with the furniture’s, I think we might also need to do something like a crestron upgrade in a London apartment, for our new place. That would be if we want the AV, lighting, HVAC and intercom, to be all connected. As many people know, renting a home is never cheap, especially not in London. Renting can take a lot of your money, leaving you with very little for your savings and for retirement. People in this position should really consider trying to invest some of their savings into something like a cryptocurrency. Potentially, this could result in more money for the family later on down the line. Maybe people should read this Binance Test, for example, to see if that would be a good crypto exchange to try and make more money. It’s so important to have enough for retirement. After renting for so long, finances can be damaged.

Where do you spend the most time in your home?

“The kitchen, although I don’t really cook.”

What are some of your favorite elements in your home?

“I love our French bistro stools. We had them in our home in Montreal which I loved so much. We’ve covered a lot of mileage in those chairs- lots of decisions have been made sitting in them! I also love the idea of patio bifolding doors. I might have seen them in some of my friend’s house. It could transform the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any home entrance. Additionally, these doors could actually be a nice way of opening up any living space to a wider vantage point, hence making it feel larger and brighter. I might consider having them soon. My friends who have installed such bifold doors recommended me to check out companies like Sign windows for purchasing them.

Are there more kids in your future or, sorry Lady Peanut Butter, more dogs?

“Not a week goes by these days that I don’t say I want another baby! Many say you will always regret not having your third if you’re thinking about it. Our unit is so perfect right now and life is so full and hectic in London, so maybe another furry baby is what we need. Lady Peanut Butter could use a sidekick.”

Do you have a favorite room in your home?

“Georgina’s room. I knew exactly what I wanted for her room, but didn’t know where to source things in London as I’ve never fully decorated a home here. I worked on it with my girlfriend Sophie Stanbury who is an interior designer. She helped me pick fabrics and pieces and get the canopy done.”

What are some of your other favorite elements in your kids’ rooms?

“The Matthew Williamson canopy in Georgina’s room. Matthew is a friend and his prints are so fun! In Truman’s room, I love all of his little figures that he’s chosen to have on his cabinet. I don’t like clutter; I like everything put away, but I just think it’s so sweet that he wants as many of his favorite little guys lined up where he can see them.”

What is your greatest joy of motherhood?

“Everything! They fill my life with so much joy, it’s insane!”

On the flip side, what is your greatest parenting worry or fear?

“Living in London, when they leave the house to go somewhere super big and public without me-like the mall or an amusement park or ice skating rink-I have mild panic attacks.”

What helps you to juggle motherhood and career?

“My husband. He is my everything and supports me so much- he lets me be me! He deserves sainthood; he really is the greatest human in the world. If we could clone him, the world would be a much calmer, reasonable, more sane and kind place.”

What is most important to you in raising your kids?

“Loving them so much that when they go to bed at night, they feel it, and when they wake up in the morning, they know it. I want them to feel love and trust in our family unit that we all have each others’ backs, always. Talking to them and being straight with them, explaining things so they have an understanding of when we say ‘no’ or if they misbehave. Gregor and I as parents always take the time to explain why you can and can’t do something.”

What do you love most about raising your kids in London?

“They are exposed to so many cultures and traditions as their classmates are from all around the world. And the education system is absolutely incredible. Truman is six years old and learning his times tables!”

On a career note, tell us about your blog and how you’ve seen it evolve over the past few years.

“I’m trying to focus on it more now that I have more free time. For the last four years, I have been filming Ladies of London for three to four months of the year and I’d have to put the blog on hold and then come back to it. I’m now trying to get into the groove of being a full-time blogger and influencer.”

Has your style changed at all since becoming a mom?

“I think I’ve chic-ed up my game since I’ve become a mom, wife, and career gal. I’ve spent good money on key investment pieces. And I spend more money on clothes now than I ever have before as it’s now my job! I know great excuse, right?”

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Photography: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine