Haylie Duff Says This Is Her Greatest Challenge of Motherhood

As the mom of two-year-old daughter Ryan, as well as the founder of the Real Girl’s Kitchen, Haylie Duff has just a few things on her proverbial plate. But add in a pregnancy (Duff is expecting her second child!) and her kids collection Little Moon Society, and this mama has officially taken it up a notch. We met Duff at her home for our summer cover of Mini Magazine and she got candid about just how real the mom (and foodie and businesswoman) juggle an be— starting with, the greatest challenge of motherhood.

Doing It Right

“For me, the biggest challenge has been the pressure to “do it right,” the soon-to-be mom of two told Mini. “There isn’t a clear-cut way to be a parent. We will all make mistakes.”

Duff also shared her biggest hopes in raising her daughter, Ryan, that we can only imagine will carry over to her new little one on the way.

Mom Hopes

“The most important thing for me is Ryan’s happiness,” Duff shared with Mini. “I would love nothing more than to raise a young woman who feels happy and content with her life. I hope that she will have a good work ethic, be a supportive partner to someone one day, and really really love to spend time with her mom.”

Read our complete interview with Haylie Duff (including her morning routine and how she chose Ryan’s name!) and browse the adorable photos with her daughter in our summer issue here.

Opening Image: Gretchen Easton for Mini Magazine