Brie Bella Shares Her Morning Routine with Daughter Birdie

We had the chance to sit down with new mom Brie Bella for the cover of our Holiday 2017 issue of Mini Magazine, chatting all things motherhood, from her unpredictable birth story with daughter Birdie to her greatest challenge (“functioning with no sleep!”). The E! Total Bellas and Total Divas star also broke down how she spends her mornings with her Mini.

Morning Routine

“Birdie wakes up anywhere from 6 AM to 7 AM,” Bella told Mini. “We have a nice breastfeeding session, then I change her into some fresh clothes. I make myself a cup of coffee and then take Birdie on a walk. After our walk, I catch up on emails while I watch Bird play in her play center [before it’s] down for her first nap at 8 AM.”

“I love our mornings together!” the new mom shared. “They are so peaceful and nice.”

But that’s not all the Birdiebee designer adores about her new role as a mama.

Favorite Part

“I love when Birdie smiles and giggles at me,” Bella told Mini. “It melts my heart! I love when she’s super tired and rest her heavy head on my shoulder. The way she’ll pull my face in and give me a big wet kiss.”

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Opening Image: Kimberly Genevieve for Mini Magazine