According to Science, This Is How You Raise Creative Kids

While all parents may argue that their Mini is a prodigy, the truth is, baby geniuses rarely go on to make significant strides. Sure, they may grow up to shine in their specific profession, but few think outside the box and change the system.

It all comes down to learning to be original, according to research. Children with regimented schedules and rules seek the approval of their parents and teachers and tend to keep their unique ideas to themselves. For children such as these, it would be helpful if parents and teachers could see their extracurricular skills and encourage them. for the rising prodigy. This could be one thing that can most likely increase their creative side.

But, how do you raise a creative kid that isn’t afraid to dance to the beat of their own drum? For starters, take a step back. Comparing the families of kids named among the most creative in their school, the “ordinary” children had a certain set of rules to follow, including homework schedules and bedtimes. On the other hand, the creative kids had fewer rules, some less than one.

It’s been said that with less rules, children are able to think for themselves and develop their own ethical codes and values. They have the freedom to seek out their own interests and identify their passions. Of course, the parents of creative children did indeed teach their little ones to reach for success, but also, joy.

As psychology professor Adam Grant puts it in his recent New York Times piece How to Raise A Creative Child. Step One: Back Off, “if you want your children to bring original ideas into the world, you need to let them pursue their passions, not yours.”

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Image: Mario Testino, Vogue July 2011