How to Make Your Kids More Independent

We’ve all been there. Reading parenting book after parenting book in an attempt to create healthy eating habits, teach manners, raise a feminist, you name it. Also on the list? Teaching independence. Every parent wants their child to grow up feeling strong and confident, like they can take on the world. But how do you do it?

Firstly, you can just stop helping them as much. When we learn new things, of course we’re going to struggle. It’s part of the learning process. So, instead of rushing in to help the next time you see your child struggling with a task, give them a while to try different things, give a few tips, and then only help if it’s clear they need guideance.

Furthermore, you can get them a pet. Obviously, looking after another living creature is a huge responsibility so you’re going to have to help them quite a bit with this. But, getting them a pet like a new puppy can be a great way for your child to grow more independent. You will have to work out the logistics of it with them and there may be certain things you won’t be able to do. service. Doing this takes the pressure off yourself and allows your furry friend to still get their daily exercise and socializing. Make sure they know how much responsibility it is and it’s a surefire way to raise an independent kid!

Lastly, according to Inc., traveling is just one of the many ways you can help your children to succeed and become more independent. And while it can be expensive to take family trips, Inc. suggests the rewards far outweigh the costs.

It encourages them to be outgoing. Traveling with your Minis may prompt you to ask a local for directions or even recommendations. And even though you’re likely teaching them not to speak to strangers, by showing them the necessity of interacting with others, they will be encouraged to expand their social skills.

It encourages them to try new things. Whether it’s a new drink or a game they’ve never played, traveling pushes you to go outside your comfort zone and be more open-minded.

They learn to be appreciative. Venturing outside of your own city allows your kids to see how others live. By opening their eyes to a new environment and new people, they may just learn how lucky they are to have the things they do.

They leave the screens behind. Experiencing new things is essential for a Mini’s growth- and that means without a tablet or phone in their hand. When you travel with your kids, encourage them to ditch the screens for a few hours.

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Opening Image: Lindsay Brown for Mini Magazine