Bad News, Day Care Costs More Than College

If you’re a working parent, just the mere task of finding childcare can be a struggle— let alone finding childcare you can trust while you’re gone. But now, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute, the costs of childcare are also going to be the root cause of a major mom (or dad) headache.

The study compared the costs of tuition at a four-year in-state college and full-time day care for a 4-year-old, ultimately finding that in nearly half of the United States, the cost of day care is more than college.

The costs do vary significantly from state to state, with Massachusetts boasting the highest childcare costs ($12,781 for day care versus $10,702 for in-state public college tuition) and Florida coming in with the lesser bill ($7,668 for day care and $4,423 for college tuition).

You can see how your state’s childcare costs stack up to the rest of the country here and then read how Uber-Like Apps for Kids Might Be the Next Big Thing here.

Opening Image: Amanda Julca for Mini Magazine