Working Parents May Soon Get Paid Time Off for Kids School Events

It’s about time! A new bill proposed by California lawmakers would give working parents paid time-off to attend their children’s school-related activities, if passed.

California employees can currently take up to five days for kids school activities per year, however the time is unpaid, Parents reports. In accordance with the new bill, businesses with more than 25 employees will be required to give parents three paid days off per year to be more active in their child’s school life.

“Studies show that this greatly improves your child’s educational chances in life,” said state assemblyman Mike Gatto, who introduced the legislation. “And it’s really critical that we give parents this opportunity to do it without forcing them to make the tough decision between paying the bills and being involved.”

Many Californian parents believe that once this bill comes into effect, they will have a better chance at maintaining a balance between their personal and professional life. Talking about the balance between work and personal life, some working parents often believe that if they can hire someone like an au pair to help with the household chores and childcare, then they might be able to be closer to their kids. It may also help them to become more involved in their kids’ school-related activities if they have an extra hand available. That said, to learn more about the costs of hiring an au pair, interested families can visit the likes of Go Au Pair.

Anyway, the bill was just introduced this week and still has a long way to go before the state senate can vote on it, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed, California working parents!

Would you appreciate a paid time off requirement for parents to attend school functions?

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Opening Image: Vanessa Tierney for Mini Magazine