Go Inside DADA Daily Founder Claire Olshan’s Nursery

As a self-proclaimed healthy food and fashion fascinated kid, DADA Daily founder and CEO Claire Olshan managed to turned her interests into one of the most sought-after (and chic!) snack brands on the market. In our summer issue, the new mom (to son, Maxwell) opens the doors to her stunning NYC abode and shows us how her passion for design truly carries over into every aspect of her life.


Do you have a favorite room in your home? Why do you love it?

Maxwell’s room is truly my favorite and it has all and nothing to do with the decor. I love the Clarence House drapes and lampshades, but honestly the room is filled with such joy, coziness, and love that every time I walk in, I feel the most at home. I also like the creamy buttercup neutrals in the carpet and the raffia wallpaper. It feels warm but also elegant.

Tell us about your son’s room. What inspired you in creating the space and what are some of your favorite elements there?

I started with animals. I am an animal lover and have always been drawn to them both emotionally and aesthetically, so I started looking for fabrics with animals. I didn’t want to do a wallpaper. It felt busy for a children’s room, but I wanted to find fun, corky ways to incorporate pattern. I spent hours in the D&D building with my close friend and decorator Martin Brulé. When we finally found this fabric, I fell so head over heels in love, I even had an illustrator re-work it for Maxwell’s baby announcement and stationery.

Let’s talk motherhood! What has surprised you most about motherhood thus far?

My endless amounts of attention, my boundless amounts of love, and my utter energized joy to be with this little human who exhausts me and challenges me and cuts into all the things I THOUGHT I needed lots of in life (sleep, social life, travel, spontaneity), but haven’t thought about once since he was born.

What is most important to you in raising your kids?

To live by a code of morals and ethics that guide their life. To understand the true power and love of family. To be honest, loyal and committed humans, both to their community and the world around them. To find their passion and make it their vocation. To live a life of love and happiness.

What is your greatest parenting worry or fear?

To instill a sense of grit into our children. To instill a sense of leadership and initiative, to never settle, never be lazy, always try to make the world a better place. I never doubt Maxwell is capable of all these things and more, I just worry about the endless distractions that kids have these days. So basically social media and TikTok… biggest fears.

What do you think about the idea of “having it all?”

It’s strictly an idea. I have yet to see a human truthfully embody that. I try very hard to compartmentalize my two hats. When I’m at work, I try to be 100% at work and be extraordinarily efficient. When I’m at home, I am 100% in mom mode. I don’t do bath time while on a conference call or feed dinner half checked in. For me, the only way I really juggle is that I don’t juggle at all. I just set very clear boundaries between my time. Right now, during this crazy time, I have to say I have been doing a terrible job at creating boundaries. But I really do look at this 24/7 quality time with my son as something I could never have dreamed of, and I may never get again. So for this tiny moment of time, I am currently saying screw boundaries and that’s OK.

You can read Olshan’s complete interview here in our new issue of Mini Magazine.
Photography by Lindsay Brown.

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