This Is Why the Baby Box Is Becoming So Popular

The news that babies are being brought home in cardboard boxes has been making its rounds for a while now and it seems the trend is only beginning to catch on.

It all began in Finland—as an attempt to curb infant mortality rates—with the government offering low-income moms-to-be a baby box that their infants could sleep in and other necessities like a thermometer and of course, diapers. Finnish women were first given the baby box at a doctor’s appointment to prompt them to continue their prenatal care and now, the idea of the cardboard infant crib is taking off in the US, Canada and the UK!

In the US, states like New Jersey, Ohio, Alabama and now Texas recently began offering the baby boxes to expectant families, along with other new baby essentials like a mattress, bed sheet, swaddle, and tips on how to practice safe sleep habits with your newborn. The whole purpose points toward reducing the amount of babies lost to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which currently sits above 3,000 infants per year.

And while the baby box may provide those new families with a safe place for their baby to sleep, when they may not otherwise be able to purchase a crib or bassinet, a cardboard box is still, well, just a cardboard box. It all comes down to safe sleeping habits and sticking to them, heeding advice from your doctor and continuing to place your baby in a safe sleeping space. The following are just a few tips to ensure your baby stays safe and sound:

Avoid sleeping near pillows or toys. Keep your baby in the crib, bassinet or box without extra toys or pillows placed inside. Their bed should be completely free from suffocation hazards.

Avoid sleeping with your baby. Instead of taking the risk of falling asleep with your baby in your own bed, place the crib, bassinet or box near your bedside. There are certain bassinets that can reach the height of your bed so baby is always within eye level.

Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re exhausted or too frustrated to help your baby get to sleep calmly and safely. A strong support system can help ease the troubles of sleep-deprivation in those early days.

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Finnbin