You’ll Want to Make These Dark Chocolate Raspberry Popsicles ASAP

Popsicles are a summer favorite, no matter how old you are! Mini’s resident foodie Karla Salinari of OurFlipSideLife put her spin on these seasonal treats, creating a dairy-free and refined sugar-free treats that are both healthy and kid-friendly!

Keep scrolling for a must-try Dark Chocolate Raspberry Popsicle Recipe.


½ can full fat coconut milk
1 cup frozen raspberries
½ banana
3 tablespoons coconut palm sugar
Dairy-free chocolate chips


Add coconut milk, raspberries, banana and coconut palm sugar into a blender and blend on high until smooth.

Evenly distribute chocolate chips into the bottom of each popsicle mold. Pour raspberry mixture into each mold filling it to the top.

Insert popsicle sticks and freeze 4 hours or until solid.

Gently remove frozen popsicles from mold, serve and enjoy.

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