Weelicious Founder Catherine McCord on Easy Family Meals

Mom of three Catherine McCord is the mealtime mastermind behind Weelicious — a go-to resource offering quick, easy, nutritious recipes for the entire family using fresh and minimal ingredients. We met in her beautiful kitchen to discuss getting kids involved with cooking, instilling healthy eating habits and of course, how to prepare a home run dinner on little time!

Keep scrolling to read Weelicious Founder Catherine McCord’s ideas for getting kids involved in the kitchen and family meal staples. 

As the founder of Weelicious, how did you start to instill healthy eating habits in your kids?

“We started shopping at our local farmers’ market with our kids when they were babies. Shopping, cooking and eating together lets kids feel like they’re part of the process.”

What suggestions do you have for parents trying to make healthy eating fun?

“Get the kids cooking with you! If they feel like they have jobs in the kitchen, they’re more excited to try new foods.”

What do your kids love to cook with you in the kitchen?

“Any and everything! Today my daughter tossed all of the salad ingredients together while my son sliced and buttered bread to go with our dinner. Offering age appropriate cooking tasks makes dinnertime a lot more fun!”

weelicious founder catherine mccord

What are your pantry staples that help calm the dinnertime shuffle?

“Cooked pasta, rice, chicken, eggs, pesto and roasted vegetables are mealtime savers in our home.”

Let’s talk about this kitchen! What are your favorite elements in the space?

“I love the island because I can cook and hang with the kids at the same time— drawing, doing homework and catching up on our days.”

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Images: The Gold Collective