This Personalized Jewelry Brand is a Must-Have for Moms

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the mom in your life-from push present to birthday to holiday-or even grandma or friend, we’ve found there’s one place that offers the best way to keep your Minis close, Tiny Tags. This personalized jewelry brand does it all-bracelets, bangles, necklaces-and gives you a special piece you’ll want to wear (and show off!) for years to come.

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To learn what makes this personalized jewelry brand so special, we sat down with Tiny Tags founder Melissa Clayton.

What kind of jewelry does Tiny Tags offer?

We design and make simple, classic, personalized jewelry for moms in 14k gold, sterling silver, and 24k gold plated. I still get teary-eyed when I see our jewelry getting wrapped up to be sent out to a mom. There is nothing sweeter than sending a mom a Tiny Tags with her child’s name and birthday engraved.

Tiny Tags jewelry is special because it is laser engraved (versus hand stamped) and over 14 artisans are involved in the making of every [piece]. I always say that Tiny Tags is a forever piece because we make our jewelry to last a lifetime. We want our moms to wear their Tiny Tags constantly and that is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our jewelry (including chains!).

What prompted you to start Tiny Tags?

After my first son, Tyler, was born, I was gushing with all this love and wanted something with his name on it. When I looked around, all the mommy jewelry was hand stamped and didn’t look like it would last very long. I wanted a mommy necklace that was simple, classic, and would last forever. That’s when Tiny Tags was born. I am obsessed with quality and making sure our jewelry is the absolutely best product on the market with customer service to match.

When I started Tiny Tags, never did I imagine it would become my life’s mission. Tiny Tags is so much more to me than just a company making mommy jewelry. We are a company committed to celebrating children and the incredible gift of motherhood. We hear from women who are struggling with infertility, waiting to adopt, and the unthinkable, the loss of a child. I have laughed with new moms who are sleep-deprived and I have cried with mothers in mourning. Every mother has her story and being able to have a tiny part of telling that story is an incredible gift and one that I never take for granted.

What are some of your most popular pieces?

Our new 14k Gold Skinny Bar and Circle Pendant, but my favorite is still our simple circle tags with kiddies names and birthday on the back.

What are the best pieces to gift for the holidays?

It depends where you are in your journey of motherhood. If you are a new mom who might have more children in the future, I love our circle tags because you can add to them. If you’re “done,” our Skinny Bar and Circle Pendant are stunning. And if you’re a grandmother with 10 grandchildren- our grandma bracelet is perfect. Any grandma will love having all of her grandkids on a bracelet and you can keep adding to it in the future.

What would be the perfect push present from Tiny Tags?

Our 14k gold circle tag with your child’s name and birthday. It can be worn everyday-alone or layered with more elaborate jewelry-but at the end of the day, to have your child’s name close to your heart is priceless.

What can you engrave on your Tiny Tags jewelry?

Almost anything! We love working with customers to design special pieces and we always love hearing from our mamas. A recent trend is putting birth times and weights on the back of the skinny bar or even your wedding date. I love all of these sweet ways of celebrating the love in our lives.

Shop the personalized jewelry from Tiny Tags on their website for the ultimate gift-giving this holiday season or every day to keep your Minis close.