Simone LeBlanc Says These are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

When it comes to finding the best gift for Mother’s Day, we head straight to the experts. Enter Simone LeBlanc. The most trusted resource for specialty gifting in Los Angeles, LeBlanc is the master of creating beautiful bespoke gifts and curated gift boxes for a wide range of clients, from philanthropists to celebrities to industry leaders and beyond. We had the pleasure of interviewing the gift guru (and mom to Lillian) once before for Mini’s fall issue and just had to sit down once again for her take on the best Mother’s Day presents for both new and seasoned moms alike! 

What makes the best gift for new moms?

Since welcoming my sweet baby Lillian into the world last year, motherhood has quickly taught me how important the balance of giving, learning, and loving in a whole new way is. As impossible as it may feel, it is so important to find a way to carve out that “me time” during this busy season with a new baby. I really do believe what they say that a happy mom means a happy baby. It’s so important for mothers to set examples for their children and taking care of ourselves enables us to do just that.

Gifts perfect for this: Nourish Geode, Staycation Rejuvenation, Indulgence Spa, New Mom & Baby Box.

How about for seasoned moms?

By now, mom probably has learned (maybe the hard way!) how important it is to find that time to herself. So, for the seasoned mom, it’s all about the surprise of a special moment, an excuse to truly indulge in something beautiful or just because. Elevate the ordinary and think about an experience- a spring morning spent in the garden, an unexpected, yummy breakfast in bed.

Gifts perfect for this: Relaxation Box, Joyful Morning, Garden Bloom + Rose, Chic Necessities.

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