10 Ways to Survive Road Trips with Kids

If you’re headed out on your summer vacation by car, you need to prepare. Check your oil level, look into the hartford auto insurance review to make sure you’re covered for all damages, pump up your tires, the list goes on.

You definitely don’t want to be caught out sort on your trip so make sure you check everything, even down to the weather. I remember once we went on a road trip around Texas but didn’t check the weather before we left. We ended up driving through heavy rain, hail storms, and some flooding. The car needed to be looked at by auto hail damage repair specialists and the kids were a nightmare so it’s fair to say we would have rescheduled if we had looked at the weather!

Even if the weather is perfect, something you’ll definitely know is that being cooped up for hours on end can cause you to go a little stir crazy. And we’re not even talking about the kids! Road tripping with your Minis in tow requires a bit more preparation to keep the “are we there yet?” questions, temper tantrums, countless food and bathroom stops at bay. But trust us, it can be done!

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Install a Tablet Holder

If you plan to allow your littles screen time during your trek and you don’t already have screens installed in the car, look no further than a tablet or phone holder. These inexpensive gadgets will keep tiny fingers from pausing or exiting out of shows that may otherwise keep them entertained!

Car Tablet and Smartphone Holder

Pack the Snacks

Every parent knows- you can never have too many snacks no matter if you’re out for an hour or a week! We love these Happy Baby Puffs and Teethers for almost mess-free eating on the go (plus they’re gluten, sugar, and dairy-free!). If you want something for yourself, try and move away from foods that are too sugary as they can get you high then make you crash which could make you irritable. It may be best for you to go more protein-based, so choosing something like a protein bar or beef jerky may be the best bet in these circumstances.

Other A+ snacks for your summer travels: oatmeal, fruit sauce pouches, popcorn, yogurt, and freeze-dried fruit bites.

Get a Snack Cup

To avoid crumbs all over your vehicle at the end of the trip, you’ll want to pick up one of these spill-proof snack cups.

Munchkin Snack Catcher

Download Shows Ahead

You can’t always count on WiFi when traveling, so take a few minutes before you leave to download your Minis’ favorite shows ahead of time. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a download button via their mobile apps where you can download shows directly to your device.

Pack Extra Clothes

You can never be too prepared when it comes to traveling with your Mini brood. Be sure you have an extra pair of clothes packed in your diaper bag or purse that you can easily access in a bind without having to dig through your luggage.

Plan Busy Work

Little minds are often mesmerized by small games and puzzles while on the road. We love these Little Travelers Magnetic Tins by Petit Collage for endless fun to keep tiny hands busy.

Little Travelers Magnetic Tins

Install a Sun Shade

When you’re traveling for hours, you’re bound to take a turn into full sun- which can wreak havoc on a sleeping baby’s peaceful nap time! Make sure your car is equipped with a sun shade to avoid unnecessary wake-ups.

Pack Plenty of Water

You’ve got the snacks, you’ve got the games, but now your Mini needs a drink! Grab one of these spill-proof cups to keep your littles hydrated during your trip without the mess.

Set Up Shop

Placing an activity tray on your kids’ laps during a road trip can save you the hassle of constantly sifting through your bag for the crayons, paper, drinks, snacks, you name it. These inexpensive travel companions can be a serious life saver for organizing the essentials.

Pack Headphones

Unless you want Peppa Pig to be the soundtrack for your trip, be sure to pack kids headphones so they can listen to their shows or music all on their own. We love these volume-limiting headphones to protect tiny ears. We’ve also started downloading a few stories for the kids to listen to from Audible.com. You can try Audible free for 30 days here and get 2 free audio books!

How do you survive road trips with little ones? Tell us your tricks below!

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Opening Image: Emma Kepley for Mini Magazine

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