13 Mom Struggles You Know All Too Well

When you become a mom, you essentially say goodbye to sleeping in, quiet dinners, and dare we say it, any easy attempt to leave the house. Gone are the days of leisurely strolling the aisles of your local Target and let’s not even start on trying to sleep while pregnant (or nursing!). We’ve all been there, and we might as well laugh about it, because let’s be honest, the mom struggle is so real.

Scroll down for 13 Mom Struggles You Know All Too Well.

1. Sleeping on your belly (or side) while pregnant

Those pregnancy (and nursing!) boobs don’t make it easy to catch some z’s.

2. Toting a screaming baby around the store


Nothing to see here. We’re just shushing and smiling up and down the aisles.

3. Being in the shower is the only peace you have

And it only lasts for a few minutes.

4. Cutting a meal short

A quick lunch date or casual dinner at home— when the baby decides it’s over, it’s over.

5. Being scared to drive alone with your newborn


So, how slow is too slow to drive? Or can we just stay in the house forever?

6. Crying at literally everything

Hormones are no joke.

7. Dreading bed time


In those early newborn days, bed time really means you’ll be in up in an hour.

8. Getting nervous about sex after baby


Even when you get the green light from your doctor, the thought scares you.

9. Reheating your coffee (again!)

Remember when you used to drink it hot?

10. Not realizing you have spit-up on your clothes


Until you’ve already left the house.

11. Trying to go to the bathroom by yourself

Can’t even catch two minutes of alone time.

12. Googling everything your baby does, or has, or poops


Because you’re convinced you’re going to break them in some way.

13. Trying to jump or sneeze

Or laugh, or jog, or workout, or you know, do anything, without peeing.

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Opening Image: London Scout