Making Mom Friends Just Got Easier with the Peanut App

Making mom friends can feel a little awkward, especially if you’re new to town or don’t know where to start looking. Enter Peanut. There’s an app for everything these days and finding your new mom BFF is now as easy as logging in and swiping up on local moms in your area.

How it works

Peanut is a free app that uses the swiping method, like Tinder, to match you with other like-minded moms in your city. As with any social network, you begin by creating a profile with your name, location, and you have the option of including your children’s ages (hello, play dates!). Next, it’s on to choosing your interests where you can select things like “Sleep Deprived, Wine Time, Mom Boss, and Outdoorsy AF.”

After you’ve finished creating your profile, Peanut will pull moms from your area with shared interests and you have the option to swipe down for “Maybe Later” or swipe up to give them a “Wave.” If the other mom “waves” at you too, it’s a match and you are able to begin messaging each other. BAM, new mom friend!

But don’t worry if someone didn’t wave back. You are still able to message them, your note will just be sorted into a separate folder.

Created by Michelle Kennedy—who played a pivotal role in the success of dating apps like Badoo and Bumble—Peanut helps moms maintain their sense of identity by pairing them with others who enjoy the same things.

“I thought, I can help all of these people date, but I can’t find like-minded women to have coffee with,” Kennedy told the Daily Mail. “That is why the app became so important to me.”

Peanut is currently available free on the iOS App Store.

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Peanut