Geri Hirsch Shares Her Pregnancy Wellness Routine

When you’re pregnant, you may find that much of your wellness routine-the rituals you had every morning, the supplements (such as those sold at Activated You) you take, your exercise classes-will need to change to keep baby safe and sound. And while it might feel like everything is a no-no initially, you can still maintain your regimen to a certain degree. It will feel like a large portion of your time is spent attending birthing classes like these, but it’s important to take time for your wellness.
In addition, rather than conventional medicine, which attempts to categorize each client into convenient cubbyholes of diagnosis and care, you may choose functional medicine, which reveals medical care and treatments tailored to your specific needs. The pharmaceutical industry, in collaboration with the medical field, has elevated the use of drugs to cure symptoms while frequently overlooking the underlying issues that might be causing those symptoms to occur, which might be harmful while pregnant. A functional medicine doctor usually takes a different patient-centered approach that distinguish this practice and might be effective for many patients. Furthermore, you might not have to deal with all of the side effects correlated with traditional pharmaceutical medications.
After all, happy mom, happy baby.

We asked Geri Hirsch, new mom and the creative mind behind Because I’m Addicted, for insight on how she maintained her wellness routine with a baby on board and she gave us these pregnancy-approved pointers:


“I take my meditation practice pretty seriously. I do Transcendental Meditation which is generally done twice a day for 20 minutes, morning and afternoon, but while you’re pregnant you have the sign-off to meditate as much as you like. I found a lot of comfort in my practice, especially in those early months while I was really ill. It gives me lots of energy, helps clear my mind, and calms me down when I get into a worry pattern- all things that are excellent for the baby. I also like to use the end of my practice as a time to manifest. I manifest on what I want my birth to be like, what kind of mother I aspire to be, and put all the good thoughts that I’m hoping for into the universe.”


“I fully submitted to this and spend a lot more time at home resting, reading, doing beauty treatments, getting at home massages, and you guessed it, organizing, purging, and decluttering! That thing they say about pregnant women becoming obsessive organizers is actually true.”

Shake up your workouts

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE high-intensity workouts like boxing, spinning, and circuit training, but that type of exercise didn’t feel right during this time. Instead, I’ve taken up yoga, went back to pilates, hike a lot more, and spend much more time stretching and foam rolling to help for delivery.”

Try a hyper-functional pregnancy diet

“So much of my diet before being pregnant was centered around being fit, feeling energized, and packing in the nutrients. With a baby, it’s a little bit different. I’m still focused on making good choices for my weight and want to feel energized and obviously want to pack in nutrients, but what I need now is very different than when I’m not carrying.” Hirsch avoided coffee during her pregnancy, added bone broth and ghee into her first trimester diet, as well as made sure she was getting enough leafy greens, and orange, yellow, and red veggies.


“Pregnancy is the perfect time to indulge! And I’m taking this pretty seriously (HA!). I go get those massages, tuck into a facial, visit the prenatal chiropractor (a chiropractic for pregnancy can help you manage any pain you experience as your body adjusts to bearing the weight of your child), and soak in a warm tub. It really makes a huge difference on the way I feel because pregnancy isn’t easy on our bodies. Plus, we deserve it! We’re growing a human life!”

You can read more about Hirsch and her affinity for wellness on Because I’m Addicted, or stick around and read these 6 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy.

Opening Image: Courtesy of Because I’m Addicted