These Are the Foods to Eat for Healthy, Clear Skin

Did you know one of the simplest ways to achieve that glowing, vibrant skin you covet is by eating healthier foods?

“Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body as well,” says Rachel Sharoff, licensed aesthetician at Skintology Skin and Laser Center in Manhattan. “The healthier the foods are that you consume, the better your skin will look.”

On the flip side, by ignoring what goes into our bodies, the more problems we will see cropping up with our skin.

These are the foods you should be eating for firm, healthy, younger-looking skin:

Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries pack high amounts of antioxidants, which help block “free radicals,” such as the sun’s rays, from damaging skin cells. But don’t toss your sunscreen. Eating berries, or taking supplements with red berries in them is simply an extra step you can take to help protect your skin from damage and prevent premature aging. “The antioxidants and other phytochemicals in these fruits can protect the cell, so there is less chance for damage,” says Sharoff. “When you help protect the cells from damage and disintegration, you also guard against premature aging. These fruits may very well help keep your skin younger looking longer.” 

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene and vitamins A and C- an excellent formula for beautiful skin. These nutrients can help retain skin moisture and prevent dryness.

Low-Fat Dairy
One the most important components of skin health is vitamin A and one of the best places to get it is low-fat dairy products. In fact, experts say that the health of our skin cells is dependent on dietary vitamin A. “The A in dairy products is true A, so everyone’s skin can use it,” says Sharoff.

Salmon, Walnuts, Canola Oil and Flax Seed
These seemingly unrelated foods all deliver essential fatty acids and thus are key foods for healthy skin. Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes, which act as barriers to harmful things, as well as act as the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out of the cell. The stronger that barrier is, the better your cells can hold moisture. And that means plumper, younger looking skin,” Sharoff advises.

Oils can give your skin much needed moisture. Just make sure you’re using healthy oils, such as olive oil. Adding just 2 tablespoons a day to your diet will help keep your skin properly lubricated and healthy.

Green Tea
The skin-health properties in this beneficial drink just can’t be beat. “It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s protective to the cell membrane. It may even help prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer,” says Sharoff. A study published recently in the Archives of Dermatology shows that whether taken orally or applied to the skin, green tea can reduce the risk of damage from ultraviolet light (such as the burning rays of the sun), and thus, reduce the risk of skin cancer.

While the exact amount you should drink each day varies, no one disputes the role good hydration plays in keeping skin looking healthy and even young. When that hydration comes from pure, clean water; not liquids such as soda or even soup, experts say skin cells rejoice. “Our skin needs at least eight glasses every day,” suggests Sharoff. In addition to keeping cells hydrated, water helps cells move nutrients in and toxins out, which automatically leaves skin looking healthier.

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