Kim Zolciak on Motherhood, Baby Bumps, and Twins!

Kim Zolciak and her Big Baby Bump make an appearance at Boost MobileMini caught up with new mom of six, Kim Zolciak Biermann, just before she gave birth to twins Kaia and Kane. The busy mom gave us the breakdown on mommy must-haves, dressing the bump, and how she plans to keep up with her expanding brood.

MINI: Our readers may know you as one of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and now your own show, Don’t Be Tardy. Talk to us about your show— what do you love most about Don’t Be Tardy?
KIM ZOLCIAK: I didn’t know that I was going to get my own show. The original was just a wedding special and it wasn’t until after I had left Housewives that I was offered my own show. I was not thinking that it would lead into anything more than just a wedding type special, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoy doing Don’t Be Tardy because there’s not a whole lot of drama. I mean, there’s drama, but I don’t have five other women I’m fighting with constantly. It’s a little bit more laid back and I’m home with my family a lot more, which is one of the reasons I left Housewives. It’s a different energy and more personal.

MINI: Have you stayed in touch/remained friends with any of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members?
KZ: I talk to NeNe and Cynthia. I keep telling Cynthia that we’re going to have to a glass of wine but I’m going to have to get over this pregnancy to do that.

MINI: You’re now a mother of four with two more on the way! What was your reaction to finding out that you were having twins?
KZ: I was very shocked, very very shocked. I was abnormally tired so I called my doctor and was like “something is off, I don’t know what it is.”  [We did blood work] and my blood work came back fine, but the ultrasound came back with two! My mom has twins in her family. I wasn’t completely surprised, but then I was. You never really think.

MINI: What do you consider the greatest part of being a mom?
KZ: Everything, I just love it! There’s nothing in the world that compares to being a mom. I have the best children ever! Most people have all these issues with their sixteen-year-olds. Brielle is such a good girl, Ariana is mommy’s little helper, and the boys, I could just eat them! It’s the best thing ever. That’s what really matters to me. Kroy and I always talk about how later on down the road, when football, TV, and all that stuff is going to be gone, we’re going to have a big family and that is what we really wanted. We just couldn’t be any happier.

MINI: How has motherhood changed you?
KZ: It’s been sixteen years now. The difference between having Brielle and Ariana when I was younger is that I have a lot more patience now. Then, I was just trying to get by. I had Brielle at 19 and Ariana at 23; I was a single mom. By the time I gave birth to Ariana, I was going through a divorce. So now in this situation, I can really enjoy every little milestone.

MINI: What is the greatest challenge of motherhood? How do you think you’re handling that?
KZ: I have some challenges because I tend to give into Brielle being sixteen. She can play my heartstrings, where Kroy is a little bit harder with her. I’m not the disciplinarian. I have conversations with him and that’s where Kroy has been really helpful. I was sixteen not too long ago and I try not to make the same mistakes that my parents made with me.

MINI: With such a busy schedule, what do you think are the keys to balancing the chaos of career and motherhood?
KZ: I don’t think there’s any balance in our life right now. It’s really chaotic, we just moved into our new house, we have football season, and I’ve been pregnant for three years. We love the chaos; I don’t think we know how to live without it. I think the key to the chaos is structure. We eat dinner every night together, that’s really important— have patience and tackle one thing at a time.

MINI: What simple steps to great style or beauty staples do you swear by to look great on little time?
KZ: I haven’t taken my sweats off, unless I’m filming, in three years! When I’m filming I have a really cute top on and I have sweat pants on underneath, but you don’t see that. My body has changed so much. I go from being pregnant to not being pregnant to breastfeeding, everything being double its size, and then pregnant again. I just like my sweat pants. They work pregnant and not pregnant. They work right after a baby and six months after a baby. I have a stylist named Shun and she helps me through these different phases. I didn’t have a stylist for many years but after becoming pregnant, having the baby and being on camera, I definitely needed some help in that arena. I think accessories are really important. A cute pair of jeans, a white tank top and accessories. Accessories, shoes and handbags are my things.

MINI: What are your tips for dressing the bump? What types of items do you think every expecting mama should have in her wardrobe?
KZ: A Pea in the Pod tank tops. They’re really fitted, [they] stretch and they look great not pregnant. I definitely think tank tops are comfortable and you can wear them under everything or wear them alone.

MINI: How would you describe your children’s styles?
KZ: Brielle is very girly. Ariana is kind of a footloose, she can be girly but she’s more of a tomboy. KJ will only wear Crocs, which I hate, and Kash won’t put on a pair of shoes. He’s 12 ½ months now and he screams. I’m trying to go through that right now with him.

MINI: What are the boys into these days?
KZ: What aren’t they into? KJ is a fanatic for football. He plays football all day long with me, with his sisters, with his dad, he goes to see his dad play, and he goes to see him at camp. He is obsessed with football. Kash is just learning to walk so he’s into everything.

MINI: You have 2 older daughters Brielle and Ariana, so what’s it like now having small children?
KZ: My girls really help out. Ariana is mommy’s little helper. She knows the boys inside and out. She’s eleven, so she’s just in love with them. Where as Brielle uses the boys for a Twitter picture or Instagram and then she’s done with them. She does help out too and it’s a lot easier having them around to help me out.

MINI: How are having little KJ and Kash now different from when your girls were little?
KZ: To me, boys are a lot more work. They’re very active, they eat a heck of a lot more, and they’re bouncing off the couch. They are definitely a lot harder. People swear up and down that boys are easier as they get older. From breastfeeding, the girls were not like that. The girls would just sit there and be happy to just do nothing where boys have to be doing something constantly. The boys are huge— they are so big and so heavy. Kash (age 1) wears a size 3, KJ (age 2) wears a size 5. They’re just big boys.

MINI: What is the funniest thing KJ has said recently? We love following him on your Instagram!
KZ: He’s the funniest child on the planet! I said to him yesterday “KJ, you’re the cutest” and he said, “Enough with all that mom.” He talks very well and he’ll speak to me in Spanish. I have no idea what he’s saying. He does that on purpose with me to kind of mess around. He’ll laugh saying it over and over again.

MINI: It’s about to be football season! Do your boys just adore watching their Daddy play? Are they/do you think they will be into football too?
KZ: Oh, without question! KJ would see football on the TV at 14 months old. I remember last year when Kroy was at camp and he would scream “Dada, Dada.” Kash loves to sit  and play with his football all over the floor and throw it. KJ is at the age where he can sit on the couch and watch the game and not be all over the place. He’s obsessed!

MINI: What quirks, loves, or traits do you think your children have inherited from your husband and yourself?
KZ: My girls are very spiritual, they’re very grounded. KJ has a little temper like his mommy. Kash is just the sweetest, easiest baby; he must get that from his dad. I’m quite the firecracker. My girls are honest. Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of the issues that I find a lot of my girlfriends are having with their teenagers. Kim’s motto: Ask, believe, and receive.

MINI: What’s important to you in parenting your children?
KZ: I just want them to be happy and just be kids. I couldn’t wait to grow up. I couldn’t wait to be 18; I couldn’t wait to move out, I couldn’t wait to get a job and to do all these things. I tell my girls that they have got to enjoy where they’re at today because you’ll be paying your own bills soon, you’ll be responsible for so many things and your life changes so quick. I want my kids to be happy and to enjoy their childhood. As much as they help out with the boys, I want them to enjoy their lives— they’re children. I tell my girls constantly, “If you shoot straight with me then I can deal with anything.” I always tell Brielle, especially with parties and boys, “It’s you first, and if it doesn’t feel right— when in doubt, leave it out.” That’s my famous line to them.

MINI: Give us a sneak peek into your life. Walk us through a typical day.
KZ: It’s chaos! I’m up at 7 AM with both boys and they eat right away. Kash is still taking two naps a day, so then I’m with KJ. I do have a nanny that is here to help especially now that I’m getting bigger. Brielle drives her sister to school which is the best thing ever. Now I don’t have to drop them off which is a nice feature since I was putting the boys in the car last year. The boys are really good and I spend most of my days chasing after them. Then the girls get home from school. Like I said, it’s been chaos. We’ve been packing and moving for over a month. The last month has been really challenging just because the boys aren’t going to bed on time, taking their naps on time, the girls starting school, and Kroy just got out of camp so at least he’s home now. I was trying to get the majority of this move done myself with help from family and friends so that Kroy could relax at camp and focus on football.

MINI: How are you now preparing for your fifth and sixth child? Do you have all of your ducks in a row— nursery, baby essentials, etc?
KZ: No, I don’t have anything ready. It’s going by incredibly fast and I’m slowly realizing that I need to order two of this or that. I bought a lot of twin books because I’m not really sure what I need. Do I really need two swings? Do they sleep together? I have so many questions. I do have a few friends who have twins so that’s very helpful. I just need to sit down and focus. I do have everything baby, but I don’t have two. Whatever KJ used, Kash used.

MINI: What are your go-to products for life with twins? Any items you wont be able to live without?
KZ: The Orbit stroller is it! I used it with KJ and Kash and now I have the double one. I have the double car seat, best invention ever! Also, the Stokke bassinet stroller— they’re small, they’re compact, they’re adorable and I push them around the house in it. I’ve had the 4Moms mamaRoo since KJ and bought two because it’s my favorite.

MINI: Looking back to your first days as a parent, what advice would you give yourself?
KZ: I think you try to be perfect and every child is different. There’s no handbook when you give birth on exactly how you’re supposed to do things. It’s all a learning process, you have to learn the baby. I just wanted everything to be perfect and do everything perfectly. I made mistakes, everybody does and that’s ok.

MINI: What do you think is the one aspect of pregnancy/parenting no one really warns you about?
KZ: There’s got to be a balance between disciplining and giving in— that’s my hardest thing. Where do you draw the line? With Brielle, we ground her, we take her phone and her car, but it still breaks my heart to do it; I struggle with that. Although I know it needs to be done, to teach her discipline and responsibility, it’s the hardest thing for me right now. Even with KJ and Kash, he knows now that if he throws himself on the floor, I’m going to pick him up. Where my husband would say “Kash, that’s not appropriate, you need to sit up.” That’s kind of my struggle whether they are 16, 11, 2 or 1. [It's] making my heart a little stronger because I’m pretty weak when it comes to that.

Interview by Caroline Bui

Photo credit: Celebrity Baby Scoop




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